Homepage Takeover


Want to make some real impact? This high impact format will guarantee visibility on the platform of your choosing. A homepage takeover (HPTO) will shine on the homepage of your publisher's domain. You provide the creative part, PEXI will arrange the rest.  PEXI supports homepage takeovers with multiple publishers in the Netherlands, but will offer technical support with unknown publishers as well. 

Whenever your publisher sets up high impact advertising using our PEXI tags, you can also monitor your advertising results through PEXI. Besides impressions and clicks, the results will also give you a breakdown of the domains and devices on which your banners have run.


To upload the creative within Pexi you need a Pexi account and access to the correct advertiser. You can request a Pexi account via When you have access to Pexi you can upload the banner as a zip (zip the folder, not the files). If you include the IAB size within the filename Pexi will automatically detect and adjust the upload settings.


The Homepage is filled by ads from you. This will generally include all ad units on a page as well as a reskin for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Download Homepage Takeover


icon Max project size: 500KB*
icon Max animation duration: 15 sec (5 seconds for the sides)
icon Allowed files: All static file types
icon Prohibited files: All server-side scripts

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