Upload a banner in Pexi


Want to start advertising with Pexi? Great, let's get started!

On this page, all steps are described as what is needed to upload your first banner successfully.

Choose brand

Inside your Pexi environment, you can create multiple client tabs to keep the campaigns organized.

Upload a banner

When you choose the right client click on the blue button saying “+ new”
Click “new creative from HTML”

Upload a zip file of your banner folder.
(containing index.html, CSS, JavaScript, and assets files)

TIP: if the zip file contains a known pixel ratio it will automatically set the size inside Pexi. Otherwise, it needs to be filled in man

If the zip does not contain the size of the banner fill it in by selecting the correct size from the dropdown.

View the banner

Navigate to “creative” (image icon on the side navigation)

The list of creatives is filtered by the last edit.

Click on the creative you uploaded.

All done :)

You can share a preview with the client, track data and, more...

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