The banner endpoint can be used to create, update or delete a banners.

POST: /api/banner?advertiser-slug={advertiser-slug}

The advertiser slug must be set in the query params. The other data can be send in the the body:

    name: 'name_for_the_banner',
    size: '300x250', //Or any other IAB size
    type: 'default', //Other types can be default, hpto (for reference see types list in Pexi)
    file: '/path/to/the/zip/of/a/'

If succesfull the API will return a 200 header and the following JSON output:

    id: 12345,
    name: 'name_for_the_banner',
    size: '300x250',
    type: 'default',
    url: '/bannermap/39432890234'

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