PEXI supports all IAB standard banner formats for programmatic ad serving. Whether you're serving small mobile leaderboards or the larger display billboards, all IAB sets of display banners are easily uploaded through PEXI’s user-friendly interface. The IAB standard banners will then be converted to a tag that can be exported for all bid managers (Display & Video 360, Xandr, Google Ads, etc). Banners can also be downloaded as ZIPs whenever needed. 

Monitoring your display banner results through PEXI is easy. PEXI measures standard metrics like impressions and clicks, but also expands on the banner metrics with in-view time of your banners. What’s more, PEXI can also give you a breakdown of the domains and devices on which your banners have run.


To upload the creative within Pexi you need a Pexi account and access to the correct advertiser. You can request a Pexi account via When you have access to Pexi you can upload the banner as a zip (zip the folder, not the files). If you include the IAB size within the filename Pexi will automatically detect and adjust the upload settings.


A rectangular or square advertisement, often referred to as banner ads or display ads. There exists lots of different banner sizes, all of which have their own best practices

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icon Max project size: 500KB
icon Max animation duration: 15 sec
icon Allowed files: all static file types
icon Prohibited files: All server-side scripts

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