The display advertising ecosystem has gotten more and more complicated throughout the years. There has been a explosive growth of DMP’s, DSP’s, exchanges and ad verifications tools, which doesn’t make display advertising any easier. 

Pexi aims to help you gain transparency, efficiency and insight. Pexi’s goal is to offer direct insight into creative campaigns and to ease the process of uploading and previewing creatives. This way, the hours that are needlessly put into uploading and reporting on creatives can be spend on actual creative processes! What’s more, your data won’t be shared outside of Pexi. This way, your data stays in your control!

We work with advertisers and publishers as well as creative- and media agencies, which means flexibility is important. Besides flexibility, Pexi offers a great opportunity to develop more creative designs gaining more impact. Because of our collaboration with big publishers, there will always be a solution to working out your best creative ideas!

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